Animation, Automated, Face Capture, Participatory


Watch as an image of your face is magically transformed into a winged creature which flaps and squawks across a large-scale screen. The fluttering digital creatures are attracted to visitors walking past, congregating and even appearing to land on them, only to get frightened away by a sudden movement in a flapping, feathery burst of energy.

Perfect for indoor or outdoor spaces – although you may never look at birds in quite the same way again.

Key Info

  • Engaging fun for all ages
  • Intuitive interaction
  • New faces appear in seconds
  • Designed for installation with auto-turn on and shut down


“I came with my elderly mother, my teenager and my young son, which was quite a challenging group to please! We spent ages enjoying the installation and it was great fun for everyone”  Audience Member

Creative Team

  • Chris Squire: Concept, design, direction and delivery
  • Nick Sparks: Coding and interaction


Visitors can enjoy three levels of engagement:

  1. Simply enjoying the Wing/Face images on screen
  2. Have their Wing/Face image animation taken, which immediately appears with with a small fanfare.
  3. Interact with the projections using your body’s silhouette to affect the flying Wing/Faces.


  • One of six new commissions for an animation exhibition
  • Focuses on interactivity and visitor participation
  • Designed to be turned on and off daily by gallery staff and work reliably
  • The bright Laser-Phosphor projector is suitable for prolonged use
  • The face recognition camera has intuitive interface
  • A flock of 9 faces interact with each other and the spectators
  • As a participant adds a new face it appears immediately and replaces the oldest member of the flock

Commissioned by

Commissioned by Animotion as part of a touring exhibition developed as part of the ShowStoppers project, a collective project between 20-21 Visual Arts Centre (Scunthorpe), The Civic (Barnsley), Darts (Doncaster)

Project supported by Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring Scheme.