Animation, Heritage, Lighting Effect, Site-Specific

Mr Gatty’s Experiment Shed

An immersive installation evoking the layered histories of a unique purpose built ‘experiment shed’ of Mr Frederick Albert Gatty, a 19th century textile industrialist and dye innovator in Elmfield Hall, Accrington, East Lancashire.

In the bi-centenary of his birth we created a bespoke light and projection installation within this nearly forgotten space. Using the remains of the shed, largely untouched since Mr Gatty’s time, we re-imagined the physical processes used in the industry and the raw material which drove it for this immersive multi-media presentation.

KEY Info

A bespoke light and projection installation created an evocative experience within a unique space.


Elmfield Hall, Garry Park, Accrington, East Lancashire


25th and 26th October 2019

Creative Team

  • Claire Wellesley-Smith: Concept and content
  • Chris Squire: Concept, design, direction and delivery
  • Nick Sparks: additional technical support
  • Nick Sparks: Installation and development

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Artist Claire Wellesley-Smith has been researching Mr Gatty and his industrialisation of the Madder plant dye.

This installation was created as part of the British Textile Biennial to celebrate Gatty, the industrial heritage of East Lancashire and the work of Claire and the group she worked with.


An atmospheric 10 minute multi-media presentation, animating this historic site using evocative film, animation, audio, lighting and special effects.

Project Partners

Part of a project by artist Claire Wellesley-Smith commissioned by Super Slow Way as part of the British Textile Biennial and supported by Arts Council England lottery Project grants.