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Animation, Automated, Projection Mapping

Codex Notebook

Watch as images mix with prepared text which writes itself across the pages of a three metre wide book. Audiences watch words magically appear, images develop, and pages turn to reveal new material.

Key Info

  • Conference venue / festival installation
  • Live projection or presentations
  • Present anything in a new way
  • Enhance talks/presentations
  • Engaging and compact


“There should be one of these at every literature festival!”  Lemn Sissay MBE

“It literally brings words to life”  Rose Condo, performance poet

Creative TeaM

Chris Squire: Concept, design, construction, direction and delivery

Nick Sparks: Coding and interaction

Video gallery


First commissioned by Huddersfield Literature Festival, it is a quarter sizes replica of a much larger outdoor installation.


This installation places live projection on a large open book. Particularly suited to literature and arts festivals where it can support a range of events, or provide a central focus.

Codex Notepad is able to include selected live Tweets, text and relevant quotes inputted in real time during platform discussion.

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