Automated, Colour-rich, Lighting Effect, Mesmeric

The Momentum Wheel

Kinetic whirling coloured lights are the feature of this giant Catherine Wheel. With a digital display, LED filament lights 
and pyrotechnics, it is designed as a feature effect for night-time events.

This 8m tall installation is able to operate in a constrained area where fireworks might not usually be feasible. It combines a range of different lighting features and works well as a centrepiece especially suited as
 part of any count-down moment, or where an intriguing kinetic lighting effect is needed.

Momentum Wheel Momentum Wheel

Key Info

1. Small Inner Wheel: Digital Effects

1.8m diameter digital LED pattern system with customised imagery spins at 150rpm.

2. Big Outer Wheel: Switched Lights

4.4m diameter curved arms feature switched lighting strip and filament bulbs in four arcs. Powered by an on-board battery and switched by cams as it rotates at 40rpm.

3. Double Fulcrum Spinners

Four 1m long free-swinging bars with ‘double-fulcrum’ eccentric motion, causing coloured LED lights to move in usual motion.

4. Pyrotechnics

Pyro effects controlled wirelessly. A ‘fuse wire’ can be lit from a distance to trigger the start of its display.

Creative Team

  • Andy Plant
  • Chris Squire

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Specially created to help Heckmondwike Christmas lights switch-on event go with a bang. Commissioned by Heckmondwike Community Alliance and Creative Scene.


The structure features a slim steel tower nearly 5m tall with four stout stabiliser legs. Mounted at the top are the centres of two concentric wheels which spin independently and feature a variety of lighting effects.

Promoters Area


Technical Requirements

Darkness: Best with no direct lighting, 12k lumen projector

Power: A 16 Amp socket

Footprint: over 8m tall, 6m wide, c. 4m deep.

Crew: self-contained crew c. 6 hours get-in, 2.5 hours de-rig

Access: small van with nearby parking

Flexible: Few burdens on promotor, continuous operation

Exclusion zone: for audience safety

Stewards: for audience management.

Continuous: spinning light show

Pyro: Burst of pyro effects timed to a specific moment

Insurance: £5m public liability


Example bookings

  • HeckmondLight festival


Please download our full technical requirements with:

  • Site plan
  • Dimensions
  • Additional info

The Momentum Wheel

This piece offers audiences a shared experience with space for many household groups to maintain good social distancing. There is no direct interaction or requirement for audiences to touch anything.

People are less likely to inhale infectious particles outdoors however transmission is still possible and so maintaining social distancing and face coverings are still advised.

Depending on the nature of the event audience numbers may need to be controlled. This ongoing illumination effect has no defined start and ending we lessen surges in numbers and consequent pinch points.


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