Animation, Automated, Face Capture, Participatory

Rogues Gallery

Stand for a moment in front of our Rogues Gallery installation and you will be amazed to see your own face transposed into the image in the shop window before you.

Hidden cameras capture the faces of onlookers and almost instantly project them into a 1920s fashion shoot, or a 1945 VE Day celebration or as part of an upright Victorian family portrait. Captions add an extra dimension to the image and the picture is presented in a heavily gilded picture frame, transforming any space into a participatory pop-up art project.

Key Info

  • Shop or festival hub installation
  • Can be customised to reflect your project
  • Audience see their faces on archive photographs
  • Constantly changing images
  • Fascinating, thoughtful and playful

“An effective interactive installation which passers-by enjoyed engaging with and assisted in drawing audiences into the Hub venue”  Chester Performs project evaluation

“A friendly professional company who were easy to work with”  Amy Hollis, Production Assistant, Chester Performs

Creative Team

  • Chris Squire: Concept, design, direction and delivery
  • Spencer Roberts: Coding and interaction
  • Nick Sparks: Coding and interaction
  • Charlott Diefenthal: Fabric

Video gallery


Commissioned by Chester performs for the Rogue’s Galley festival, going on to tour to various places since.


We can add appropriate new portraits for participants faces to appear in – to suit any location, period or theme.

Our Partners

Commissioned by Chester Performs