Animation, Face Capture, Participatory, Projection Mapping


LightWeight always grabs an audience’s attention not least because of its size and intrinsic beauty. Hidden projections cause beautiful translucent imagery to appear. At the same time we capture the faces of the audience, embed them in live animations, and then watch them spin and flutter magically around the globe.

If that’s not enough, it can be customised to showcase a range of different content. So whether it’s movies, audio, graphic effects, pictures, text or even Tweets, LightWeight becomes the perfect canvas.

Lightweight Leicester (photo Matt Short) Lightweight-Camera-view (Porl Medlock)


  • Large scale and impressive
  • Outdoor or indoor installation
  • 4 metre diameter fixed inflated sphere
  • Incorporates moving images and sound
  • Stunning centrepiece
  • Customise to reflect any project/theme
  • Intriguing and unique


Magical and mesmerising– audience member

The piece has a magnetic physical presence along with unfathomable innards…a fully contained kinetic light sphere which was able to absorb and integrate our animated film made by local children” – booker

Video gallery


An original installation first developed for Illuminate York, which has been extensively developed and improved. The audience participation feature has added a very popular effect in the sweet spot somewhere between the comic and the creepy.


A four metre high inflated sphere lit with intense translucent colours, projected video images, animations and visual effects that spin magically around the outside of the globe enhanced by multi-channel music from hidden speakers.

Promoters Area


Technical Requirements

Darkness: Best with no direct lighting

Power: 2 x 16 Amp sockets

Footprint: 4.5m in all directions. Plus nearby camera booth and space for audience

Crew: self-contained crew c. 4 hours get-in, 2 hours de-rig

Access: small van with nearby parking

Flexible: Few burdens on promotor, continuous operation


Example bookings

  • Christmas in Leicester
  • Henley Festival
  • Brilliant Vauxhall
  • Science under the Stars : Wirral
  • Blue Dot Festival
  • Canary Wharf : London
  • Hull Freedom Festival
  • Twilight at the Museums: Cambridge
  • Ilkley Literature Festival
  • Nuit des Lampions: Luxembourg
  • Berlin Festival of Lights

Please download our full technical requirements with:

  • Site plan
  • Dimensions
  • Additional info


This piece offers audiences a shared experience with space for many household groups to maintain good social distancing.

We do offer direct interaction by taking images of participants faces, however there is no requirement for audiences to touch anything and the process can maintain adequate social distancing.

Depending on the nature of the event audience numbers may need to be controlled. However as the content has no start or ending it spreads out any audience surges.



Chris Squire: Concept, direction and delivery

Spencer Roberts: Coding

Nick Sparks: Coding

Bryan Tweddle: Design and construction

Ian Broscombe: Construction

Debbie Cunliffe / Source Unknown: air bag sewing

Daniel Weaver: Music / sound contribution

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