Animation, Face Capture, Participatory, Projection Mapping

Talking Heads

Imagine being confronted by three giant ‘Easter Island’ heads which talk and sing – but the face on one of the heads is yours.

You find yourself saying and singing all kinds of priceless things!


  • Uses 3D face capture technology
  • See your own face on a giant talking head
  • Hear yourself saying and singing hilarious things
  • Outdoor or indoor installation
  • Playful, witty and engaging
  • Customise to reflect any project or theme
  • Unlimited performance time


“This is such a wonderful piece of work. You were such a hit with the thousands of visitors. So pleased we were able to deliver the festival before Lockdown – and that you were part of it!”

Brigitte Orasinski, Artistic Director, Strange Cargo (producers of the ‘Cheriton Lights’ festival)

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A HeckmondLight festival commission designed to celebrate a Heckmondwike lad John Curwen (1816 – 1880) who grew up to be a music educator and founded the tonic sol-fa system of musical notation, best exemplified by Julie Andres teaching the children ‘Do-Re-Mi’.


Talking Heads are perfect in an outdoor location as dusk falls, and passers-by start to realise that they can become part of the installation.

Find yourself reciting famous lines from history or singing ‘Doe a deer, a female deer’ from the Sound of Music! This playful installation often has everyone laughing their metaphorical heads off.

Promoters Area


Technical Details

  • Darkness: Best with no direct lighting
  • Power: 2 x 16 Amp sockets
  • Footprint: nearly 6m wide, back projected with a depth of 4.5m.
  • Nearby Gazebo / parasol for camera
  • Crew: self-contained crew c. 4 hours get-in, 2 hours de-rig
  • Access: small van with nearby parking
  • Stewards / Barriers: audience management
  • Flexible: Few burdens on promotor, continuous operation

Example bookings

  • Enchanted Parks : Gateshead
  • PUCA : Trim, Ireland
  • Hastings Storytelling Festival
  • Leeds Light Night
  • Spectra : Aberdeen
  • Holmfirth Film Festival
  • HeckmondFRIGHT : Heckmondwike



  • Full Technical Requirements
  • Site plan
  • Dimensions
  • Additional info

Talking Heads

This piece offers audiences a shared experience with space for many household groups to maintain good social distancing.

We do offer direct interaction by taking images of participants faces, however there is no requirement for audiences to touch anything and the process can maintain adequate social distancing.

Depending on the nature of the event audience numbers may need to be controlled. However as the content has no start or ending it spreads out any audience surges.


Creative Team

Chris Squire: Concept, direction and delivery

Nick Sparks: Coding

Bryan Tweddle: original head moulds

Andy Wicks: Video editing

Supported by

A HeckmondLight festival commission produced and supported by Creative Scene