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1: Places and Meanings

by year 10 students from Launchpad Tuition with photographer Henry Iddon

Illustrated words combine with photographs to create a young person’s view of the town.

> lamppost near trees Victoria Statue on Victoria Square

2: Games

by students in year 5 and year 6 at Sutton Oak Primary with Altru Drama

Short GIF like videos of children in the past playing games out and about in the streets, alleyways and parks of St. Helens.

> alley to left of Town Hall off Victoria Square


by year 5 students at Rivington Primary with artists Claire Weetman, Altru Drama and Mako Create

Four short animations mix silhouettes, colours and forms in intriguing ways.

> phone Boxes outside the Town Hall

3: Tribute to Lilly Parr

by year 8 students at De La Salle School with artist Emmer Winder and Altru Drama

Celebrating the life and legacy of the legendary local football player Lily Parr – who’s story it now told in a permanent display at the National Football Museum.

> floor-marker on Victoria Square


by year 5 students at St. James Primary with Mako Create

Using the Community Archive to find photos from St Helens past and present, then manipulating their digital data to cause glitches which become new animations.

> Wall next to the Needle on Bickerstaffe St / Hall St.


by year 5 students at Holy Cross Catholic Primary with Mako Create

Animated glitch treatment of archive images of many well-known locations in St Helens.

> in front of the Quaker Garden on Shaw St.

7: Where the Sky Stops

by students at Mill Green School with Claire Weetman and Dave Bixter

The gap between where the sky stops and St Helens begins is the inspiration for this new audio-visual work.

> lamppost overlooking Parr St - Church St roundabout

8 : Happy Space

by students at Lansbury Bridge School with Dave Bixter

Students explored their favourite places, spaces and sounds; combining photography, drawing and music making to create multi-layered video artworks.

> floor marker outside the World of Glass

12: Talking Heads

by students at Broad Oak Primary with Jess Wheeler and Mako Create

Collaged characters using mixed media materials inspired by textures and imagery associated with industrial St Helens are turned into stop frame animations.

> lamppost near floor mural Chalon Way / Foundry St 

14: Positive Protest

by year 6 students at St. Mary’s Primary Blackbrook with Henry Iddon and Jess Wheeler

Paper puppet protestors and hand coloured black and white photographs on acetate sheets become placards showing young people’s concern for the environment.

> shop window beside Parish Church

9: What Fills the Silence?

by year 5 students at Rectory Primary with Dave Bixter

Students reflected on the sounds and shapes they encounter in their everyday lives, exploring skylines and negative spaces through a process of abstraction, and experimenting with rhythms and silence.

> wall behind the back of the Parish Church

13: Projections

by students at Newton-le-Willows Primary with Henry Iddon

Tinted photos mix local industrial heritage and everyday school life.

> Window of Hardshaw Centre on Church Street

11: Animating Industrial Heritage

by members of Buzz Hub with Cara Looij, Jess Wheeler and Mako Create

A fantastical world in animated form that evokes a sense of wonderment towards St Helens industrial history .

> In shop window opposite Bon Marche in the Hardshaw Centre

10: Collaboration

by students at Sutton Manor Primary and year 3 students at St. Thomas of Canterbury Primary with ‘Capoeira for All’

Capoeira was born in colonial Brazil as a form of resistance to attitudes of exclusion and racism, and now joyfully embraces dance, acrobatics and music.

> shop window on corner of Church St and Bridge St.

16: Make a Statement

by students in year 6 at St. Peter’s Primary with Kate Hodgson

Inspired by what life in St. Helens means to them, students created a series of bright colourful posters containing text, slogans and imagery.

> side of St. Helens college, off Brook St

17: Animating Industry

by students in year 6 at Holy Spirit Catholic Primary with Cara Looij and Mako Create

Characters and settings inspired by industrial imagery used to create a stop motion animation that celebrates the rich industry of St Helens.

> lamppost opposite Beecham’s building on Water St.

15: Animating Industry

by students in year 8 at St. Augustine of Canterbury High with Mako Create and Jess Wheeler

Stop motion animation illuminates industrial heritage – with characters and imagery that mix the historical and traditional with modern images associated with the town today, to create an expressive and forward-facing artwork.

> lamppost opposite HSBC bank on Westfield St

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Thanks to Arts Council England and National Lottery players for the funding to make this project possible.