Mr Gatty goes to Haworth Art Gallery

Mr Gatty goes to Haworth Art Gallery

We are developing a new version of our ‘Mr Gatty’ audio-visual projection installation which will be shown at Accrington’s Haworth Art Gallery later in 2021.

We first made this immersive piece exploring the Madder Red dye created by Mr Gatty and presented in his long disused experiment shed in nearby Elmfield Hall. It was part of a larger project led by artist Claire Wellersley-Smith for the British Textile Biennial in 2019.

We are now re-engineering it to work in a new space, and will add new material and a different projection system.

17 February 2021


Ah… Covid restrictions and timetables mean that no exhibition can now take place, so we’re sorry to say that this project is cancelled and unlikely to be resurrected.

You can see something of the original piece here Mr Gatty’s Experiment Shed

Mr Gatty

Image from the original installation

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