Developing a unique interactive computer programme funded by an Arts Council Combined Arts R&D award and assisted by the Health Authority.

A kind of oracle, offering users a range of eclectic wisdom's.

As players are guided into the system they find themselves on a symbolic and virtual supermarket trip - but this is no ordinary grocers, it is the supermarket of life.

A brand new interactive multi-media programme presents an enjoyable and personalised experience to users - it is also a kind of oracle, offering the user a range of eclectic wisdoms. As players are guided through the system by an on-screen host, they find themselves embarking on a symbolic and virtual supermarket trip - but this is no ordinary grocers, for this is "Vita’s Hypermarket”, the supermarket of life.

Here you are offered a range of lifestyle choices. Each consumable item has a specific yet suitable cost, and when the final reckoning comes it is presented in an informative yet playful manner - the costs are all in life expectancy not cash terms.

Although light-hearted and enjoyable in its presentation, the content, issues and science at the heart of the programme have a serious intent. We have researched the correlation between food and health in depth and brought together the most recent statistics. This enables participants to assess the effects their choices are likely to have, and so helps inform them more fully.

Selector is written in ‘Director’, a powerful authoring suite able to handle multimedia assets - from bitmapped and vector graphics, to animation, digital video and sound - as well as interpreting user input.


Funded by Arts Council England and Yorkshire Arts