Puppet Video

still from Puppet video

We worked with 20 offenders and victims of crime through Victims Support, the Probation Service, Youth Justice and others. During day-ong structured sessions we worked together to produce a short puppet video telling their story.

A three part project:
- a video based fieldwork research project; 
- an educational outreach piece; and 
- a kinetic video installation with some live performance.

The initial 'Puppet Video' work with offenders and victims of crime represents their experiences on video using animated puppets to re-present their stories. This leads on to a series of 'Attitude Test' workshops in schools, revealing creative video techniques and exploring the content of the videos and the theme of crime.

The 'Evidence Room' installation is a kinetic dual screen video piece which visitors trigger by their presence. The sofa and arm chair inflate, a mechanical table proffers flowers and
  'a video monitor swoops from the ceiling and floats like an alluring digital angel'
  (Robert Clark, The Guardian)

to introduce chilling puppet stories made previously with offenders and victims of crime; suitable for both galleries and shops.

This was also the venue for a series of live events exploring the presentation and perception of real experience.

                  Observer              Victim             Offender

Puppet Video

Where individual offenders and victims of crime produce short videos during day-long sessions, their 'true' confessions re-enacted by wind-up toys and puppets. Participants engage in a creative process to present their point of viewusing our specially constructed video Black-box. Sometimes difficult and complex material is unearthed, and we are often surprised by the openness and co-operation of participants.

The resulting videos mix the sentimental innocence of the toys with the compelling sincerity of the participants voices, words and stories.


Attitude Tests

Sessions with educational, youth and community groups examine our attitudes of offending and victims and explore both projected and real images of crime. Demonstrations of our mobile video-box gave participants an insight to the process of scripting, filming and editing.

A 15 minute video edits together the victim and offenders points of view. Causes, consequences, treatments and definitions of crime are discussed, with out 'attitude carpet used as a place to vote - or take a stand - in the case of a real peer-group offender.


Evidence Room

Crimewatch meets confession TV meets a channel surfing digital angel as fact and fantasy collide in the comfort of a cartoon-like inflatable living room. This is the neutral 'Evidence Room' where all material posessions are revealed to be insubstantial and transient emblems.

We watch over and even judge real victims and offenders who recreate their true stories on video, spliced with tv fiction and the god like interventions of a Hollywood-style chat show host.