Home Sweet Home: Jenny hair up

A short German and UK tour with workshops and a number of performances for schools/Colleges and the general public in Aachen, and Folkstone (the latter part of the channel tunnel celebration)

Other People's Shoes dance

A mountain of discarded shoes is annotated and displayed forensically in an bottom-lit, mirror floored suspended display, with live performance. The Museum of Other People’s Shoes presented in Art Galleries in the Harris Gallery, Preston, Leeds Met Gallery, Leicester City Art Gallery .In collaboration with Those Environmental Artists.

Home Sweet Home: Jenny hair up

a bijou 4 roomed, revolving fabric residency, furnished with soft objects, a poet, 500 meters of printed cloth and some live music, mixing sculpture with performance

Borderland. photo Porl Medlock

Touring theatre with original live music set in a large, floppy, white, canvas environment.

Chris and Lizzie

Performance training workshops exploring physical approaches to creating theatre

This touring theatre performance piece featured live music and sculptural elements based on the Arthurian legends

Two performers, one musician create a touring physical theatre

Keaton & Kahlo poster

Two lives co-exiting but unconnected and fifteen hundred miles apart: one a man, one a woman, one a physical comedian the other crippled, one from the first world and the other from the third. Buster Keaton and Frida Kahlo – two lives.

A 200 metre sequence of sights, smell, sounds and live performance


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